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Stephanie Soder

Stephanie L Soder, LCMT, Reiki Master, and founder of Riverstone Therapy has been practicing intuitive massage for 23 years, and has been Reiki Master trained since 2010, when she also received her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health.  She recently re-trained in Reiki Level III as a Teacher and is excited to share her passion for healing with others ready to begin their journey. Learn more about Stephanie by visiting her website at 

Chakras, Crystals and Essential Oils: Creating your own healing tools

In this class, you will learn about the seven major and three minor chakras, or energy centers in the body, and what it feels like when they are out of balance. We will cover crystal gemstones and essential oils that balance those energy centers, and discuss how the oils and stones potentiate each other's frequencies, each making the other more powerful, creating a powerful healing tool for yourself!

Cost of the class covers instruction and all materials, including a full set of 10 roller bottles to take home and use immediately.

November 4, from 1 - 5 pm
Cost: $150

Reserve your spot.

Reiki Level I and II

Are you ready to move into the world of healing? Learn to activate self healing and guide others to their own inner healer through the traditional teachings of Mikao Usui Reiki. This powerful class will cover history, methods, and attunement of Levels I and II, allowing the student to quickly move into healing as an art and a journey. 

Class is January 11th from 4 - 9 pm  & 12th  from 10 am - 6 pm
Cost: $375

Space is limited to 6 people. Reserve Your Spot.

Mountain River Reiki Flow

Join Mountain River Therapeutics for Reiki Share!
Stephanie L Soder, LCMT and Reiki Master Teacher will lead the group with Love, Light, and Gratitude. We will meet in the Sacred Space Classroom at the Healing Studio to set our intentions for the coming months for the group, the space, and the monthly ritual. Coming to the inaugural group will allow you to be part of creating that energy, but if you can't make the first group, join in any time and come when you are able.

We have a new time! The third Tuesday of every month from 6-8 pm. 

Cost: $10

Space is limited to 8 people. Reserve Your Spot. 


Sharing Your Light and Raising Your Vibration

Every Fourth Tuesday of the Month- from 6:30- 8 pm Cost:$10  

This group was created for individuals who would like to share their abilities with others in a safe space; diving deeper into practicing their gifts with like minded people.

If you are practicing to read cards for people, are reiki attuned, an energy healer and would like to practice your healing on a willing participant in an non-threatening environment.; Or if you are someone who would like to receive these services; this group may be just what you've been looking for. 

This group will include a short meditation, group discussion time, play/practice time, and closing.

Please bring any tools you will want to work with.



Fusion Healing Yoga - Clearing the Chakras

Fusion Healing Yoga ™ 

This fusion yoga is a seven class series, beginning on April 10th which combines the age old spiritual practice of yoga with the experience of powerful intuitive energy balancing, aromatherapy and healing stones. 

These classes will involve hands off energy healing and a yoga flow that will be specifically designed to balance each chakra. You can attend one or all of the classes. 

January 2nd - Root Chakra

January 9th - Sacral Chakra

January 16th - Solar Plexus Chakra

January 23rd - Heart Chakra

January 30th - Throat Chakra

February 6th - Third-Eye Chakra

February 13th - Crown Chakra

Participants will have the opportunity to be guided by three individuals who bring together knowledge, experience and capabilities in inner yoga, clairvoyance, aromatherapy, healing stones and the chakra system.

Cost: $30 per class. You can sign up for the whole series or just an individual class.

The teachers:
Courtney Donovan - Yoga Teacher

Leanne Holitza – inspirational energy guide with Insightful Inspirations

Stephanie L. Soder - Certified Massage Therapist, Usui Reiki Master

Sound Bath Ceremony

with Melissa DeRenzo 

January 4, 2019 - 6 - 7:30 pm Cost: $20 

Come and Participate in a mid day relaxation event and be prepared to get washed in the soothing sounds and vibrations of crystal chakra singing bowls and himalayan singing bowls. 

A delight for the senses!

Melissa is committed to self growth at this time in her life. In her journey, she has found that helping others on their very rewarding and fulfilling!

She became a yoga teacher in 2013 and a reiki master in 2016. More recently she completed a 6 day training last July and received a certification through VSA, Vibration Sound Association. 

She Loves offering one on one treatments, or sound baths with the singing bowls!

Connection and Healing

with Psychic Medium Lisa Scholz and Energy Healer Leanne Holitza

January 25th from 6- 7:30 pm Cost: $50  THIS EVENT IS FULL - Lisa will be doing an event on March 8th (without the energy healer), the button below will take you that date.

Ever wondered what the spirits have to say to you? Here’s your chance to stop wondering and experience the messages first hand.

Join Psychic Medium, Lisa Scholz and Energy Healer, Leanne Holitza for an evening connecting with spirit, healing the energy fields around loss and the unknowns of the afterlife. Lisa will extend an invitation to your loved ones in the afterlife to come forward and share messages, while Leanne will work with the subtle energy fields to provide healing and grounding throughout the experience. 

This group is limited to 10 people and not everyone will receive messages directly, but everyone will feel the vibrational benefits from connecting with the healing fields. 

Lisa Scholz is a Professional Medium, a Body Talk Practitioner and also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Lisa has been in private practice since 2001 with a focus on psychoanalysis, energy psychology, energy healing and Mediumship services. 

Lisa offers traditional talk therapy and psychoanalysis as a Clinical Social Worker to assist individuals with processing their life experiences.  She offers Body Talk as a way to help shift the energy of an experience out of an individual’s energy field.  Additionally, Lisa is a Certified Medium through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.  Mediumship is a wonderful healing experience for those who want to connect with their loved ones on the other side. 

All three services are intended to help individuals shift their emotions and energy into a more positive, loving and peaceful state of being. Find her on Facebook or her website. 

Couples Tantra Experience Evening

with Judith Anne Condon 

November 16th from 6:30 -8:30 pm Cost; $20 /couple 

This is an opportunity for couples to sample and experience Tantra with Journeys to Tantric Bliss, to become familiar with our location, and to gain a sense of whether or not Tantra with me Judith Anne Condon and Journeys to Tantric Bliss is for you.

Experience Yab Yum with us!

Google the word “tantra” under images, and it won’t take you too long to find an image of a God and Goddess sat in a special posture called “Yab-Yum”.

Often a large Buddha-like man with a smaller Dakini woman sat in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Not only is this a posture seen in ancient tantric artwork, but it is also something you will very likely experience before too long if you go to a Tantra workshop…

But what is “Yab-Yum” and what’s it all about?

Yab-Yum is the symbol of divine union. It is the posture in which man and women are united between Heaven and Earth: a classic meditation posture. In many love-making postures one of the couple are underneath the other, but in Yab-Yum, both are equally upright.

“Yab-Yum” is a Tibetan term meaning “father-mother”.

In other words, when we bring apparent opposites together in love we can enter a state beyond normal consciousness: a state of oneness or unity consciousness. A remembrance of who we are beyond name and form…

This is the ultimate goal of Tantra.

If two fully-clothed people are sat in YabYum together, it is not explicit, nor illegal, it’s not graphic nor sordid….yet it is surprising, it is a paradox.

Bring a yoga mat, lots of water, love and a sense of adventure:)

More about Judith Anne Condon
Conscious Relationship & Tantra Coach


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