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Each practitioner in Broomfield is an independently liable entity, contributing to creating a new perspective in self-care and move the community forward through the power of alternative healing techniques. 

Leanne Holitza, Owner and Intuitive Wellness Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner. My goal is to help people who are open minded align themselves to their highest potential – to intuitively turn struggles into new learning and growth opportunities. If you feel stuck in a pattern, struggle with thoughts that won't go away, or just can't seem to see the point of the struggle, let's get together and find a new perspective and move you forward in life through the power of energy healing. She is also the founder of Energy Awareness Certification.

For more information visit my website at

She also carries various metaphysical tools in The Healing Studio. 

Stephanie L SoderCertified Massage Therapist since 1995. She integrates deep tissue massage with Swedish, Myofascial Release, and active range of motion, bringing the client's breath and awareness into the process as much as possible to achieve a deep, healing release from pain due to tension, injuries, work-related stressors, or everyday life stress.

She is Reiki Level III, Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch certified. She is trained in ancient Mayan technique of Obsidiana, or Obsidian Mirror from Juan Carlos Solano Alcocer and has completed Lokte Method 2 and Energy Awareness Level 3.

"Although I add energy work into each massage, I can also do a full session of Reiki/Healing Touch." For more information or to book an appointment go to her website at

Walk-in Wednesday- Every Wednesday at The Healing Studio, from 9 am - 1 pm. Cost: $30 for 20 minutes  No appointment necessary- just walk-in


Michelle Blalock, Lokte Method, Fascial Stretch Only, Mobile Neuromuscular Massage

Michelle Blalock is a Broomfield native and a graduate of Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. A retired professional MMA fighter and athlete, Michelle AKA "Bobcat" specializes in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and the Lokte™ Method. She is also a neuromuscular therapist and a certified personal trainer and coaches at Orange Theory Fitness. Michelle believes in fun, empathetic, no nonsense approach to her bodywork. She believes in an energetic attachment to issues in your tissues and is very determined to help you improve your body...increasing strength, endurance, range of motion, flexibility and improving performance for anyone. For a session with Michelle, click here.  

Hello! My name is Raquele Shephard and I have had my massage practice for 10 years and counting! I specialize in Swedish, Neuromuscular therapy, deep tissues and sports stretching. I absolutely love massage and it shows through my work. I work with a wide variety of individuals from athletes such as cyclist and runners, to people recovering from injuries, and people suffering with depression. Massage has been proven to help in all these cases and much more! I feel blessed to be in a profession where I can help people alleviate stress and pain through the healing practice of massage. I am an enthusiast of health and wellness and make it my goal to truly help people find balance in their bodies. It is my objective to help you revive and balance your body through a wide range of modalities and expertise I have acquired through the many years I have been in practice. Schedule your appointment today and receive $10 off (new client special). Thank you and have a great day! Book here:

Theresa Fox, Energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Emotional Balance Coach. My goal is to help you to let go of what keeps you stuck and activate your natural ability to heal. Whether you are dealing with major chronic illness or injury, are struggling in your relationships or are just looking for a greater sense of peace, emotional balance is a key factor. 

Through Empathic Resonance Healing and Intuitive Coaching, you can release emotional baggage in order to heal physical conditions, reduce stress and compulsive behaviors, improve relationships and unlock your full potential.

To find out more or to book an appointment visit her website at

Michelle Pegues- Owner of Family Tree Healing LLC, Energy Healing Practitioner, Coach and Certified Adult and Children's Yoga Instructor.

Using a fusion of energy work, coaching, and the physical practice of yoga. Michelle empowers adults, teens, and children to take control of their emotions, break through old patterns, and be free to fully express and embody their trues selves. 

Michelle believes that in order to heal the whole self, we must address and integrate healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is why she has taken the most powerful tools she has learned over the years and combined them to form a very powerful and effective practice to help her clients live their most joyful lives! Visit her website at: 

Katie Vinther - Office Manager 


Katie is the Office Manager here at The Healing Studio. She can answer questions, schedule events, schedule appointments with Insightful Inspirations, help with renting available space and is also offering Bio-well Scans too! She is in the studio Tuesdays from 10 am- 1 pm, and Wednesday's & Thursdays from 9:30 am- 2:30 pm!

Email her at: 

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Want to be part of it all? We don't have space available at The Healing Studio, but always want to work with authentic small business owners looking to land in Broomfield, Colorado.  Connect with us for space or partnership opportunities.

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