The Healing Studio

Whole Feelings Health

with Krista Curl

Every second Thursday of the Month


Do you feel drained and tired? Is it hard to see the good side of things? Is it a struggle to block out negativity?

Sometimes our feelings get a little out of whack, the same way our diet or exercise can. We can get back to the basics by eating right or visiting the gym, but how do we get back in touch with our feeling's health?  

Krista Curl is a self-identified "feelings coach", helping clients get back into a healthy feelings outlook. Using guided meditations, feelings exercises, resilience training and self-care skills, she teaches folks how to strengthen their emotional muscles and even how to use emotions as a resource.

Taking her class will help you learn how to identify your feelings, get better at communicating them, and how to take care of them. You'll also learn about boundaries and resilience.

Krista Curl MA LPC is a trained therapist working in Broomfield Colorado. She specializes in trauma, anxiety and depression with over a decade in human services work in a variety of areas. In her work and teaching , she focuses on self-care and empowering others to self-advocate.

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