The Healing Studio

Healing Clinic

with Brandon Wilcox

January 23rd from 6-8 pm 

Options: Clairvoyant Readings & Energy Healing-

30 minutes-$60 or 1 hour -$100

3- 1 hour sessions $270

5- 1 hour sessions $400 

(low income options available upon approval) 

What to expect from a session:

My clairvoyant readings are through intuition and I do not use props like Tarot cards, runes or anything else, I just close my eyes in meditation and take a look. I start by giving a brief overview and then open it up to any questions you have about anything.  Readings help the client get their own answers and assist them on their souls path. Healing's are to help someone take  next step forward in life and their health (mental, emotional and spiritual well being).*

Other offerings include: channeling, house healings, business healings, deprogramming/re-patterning on specific subjects, and Hands on healings. 

Please email- for scheduling, questions, or any other need for communication.

Spiritual Health

with Brandon Wilcox

4 week class Monday nights from 7-9 pm, starting March 2nd 

Cost: $150

In this engaging class you will learn simple yet powerful tools to heal yourself and manage your energy so you can make life easy!

What you will learn: 

  • To clear energy from your space
  • How to replenish yourself and your aura field
  • How to create space for yourself and fill that space 
  • Healing tools
  • How to energetically protect yourself
  • Work with your healing master/spirit to assist you in your healing journey
  • Running energy
  • Releasing false beliefs or patterns that have been holding you back

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who is ready to heal and is open to look beyond their physical form.

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How to Heal & Manifest

with Brandon Wilcox 

4 week class Monday nights from 7-9 pm starting April 6th

Cost: $175

Here you will dive deeper into psychic tools to help have healthy interactions in the world as an energetic being in the world. 

What you will learn:

  • How to remove cords
  • How to heal "whacks" (energy thrown at you)
  • To bring your energy into the present time (here and now)
  • Begin healing psychical ailments while clearing the spiritual aspects of the problem
  • Manifesting
  • and so much more  

Prerequisite: Spiritual Health

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Psychic Tools & Awareness

with Brandon Wilcox 

4 week class on Monday evenings from 7-9 pm- Starting May 4th 

Cost: $200 

For your final class series introducing you to psychic/spiritual tools, you will learn how to see the spiritual essence within yourself and others, thus learning to give potent psychic readings. You will learn to give readings for the purpose of spiritual growth and to peel off the layers that keep you from being/experiencing the truth of who you are. 

What you will learn: 

  • How to use your psychic/spiritual tools
  • How to see the spiritual essence in yourself and others
  • How to give potent psychic readings

Prerequisite: How to Heal & Manifest

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More About Brandon:

Brandon Wilcox has been teaching meditation , energy work, and intuitive awareness for over six years. He has taught classes for all levels of psychic development ranging from the earliest beginners to advanced students who have been reading and meditating for years. He has taught and facilitated many operations at a Psychic Institute in Colorado such as House healings, group clairvoyant readings, Channeled healings with healing beings and angels, Christ force healings, remote readings and healings, group meditations, classes, deprogramming (pattern breaking) and more.

Brandon first awakened to his gifts when he was a young boy and started seeing "Ghosts" and colors (energy) around the house. After that Brandon was always interested and searching for a deeper meaning through spirituality. He found a Reiki master teacher  to train him around 15 years old, then jumped into shamanism workshops, psychic training for many years, enlightenment intensives, yoga and learning from many wonderful spiritual teachers who graced his path.

Along with teaching at the Psychic Institute, he has taught classes and guided meditations to kids in rehab, taught Reiki classes, guided journey work, and worked with clients of a very wide verity. He has worked woth people to help them spiritually meet and communicate with baby spirits before they are born into the world, (and after), relationship readings, group readings/friendship readings, past life readings, and much more. Some of the healing work he offers includes, house healings, pain and invalidation healings, trance medium healings (out of body laser focused healings on a specific topic), hands off healings, Psychic surgery, aura and chakra healings and more.

For more information & for scheduling classes or personal sessions, please email Brandon at

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For more information & for scheduling readings or personal sessions, please email Brandon at