The Healing Studio

Holotropic- Transitional Breathwork

with Alanna Bell 

Every first Saturday of the Month from 10 am- 12 pm

Cost: $50

Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, experience Holotropic Breathing, Integrative Breathwork, Conscious Energy Breathing (Rebirthing Breathwork), Shamanic Breathwork, Transformational Breath and Clarity Breathwork, all of which bring about an altered state of consciousness. Working in the realm of subconscious, you can find release from psychological blocks, emotional pain and trauma held in the body, as well as negative thoughts, beliefs, and other stressors. Unprocessed, or repressed, emotions or trauma have a physical impact on he body. We work to bring the adverse aspects of trauma to the surface to be healed, bringing about inner peace and a higher level of consciousness. Additionally, this breathwork often leads to incredible ascension or spiritual experiences, towards enlightenment or awakening.  

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Intuitive Art

with Alanna Bell 

First Saturday of the Month- from 1-3

Cost: $50

Intuitive Painting is a powerful spiritual and creative practice designed to connect people with their intuition, and inner guidance. In this practice we are free to be who we are and can connect with the deepest and sacred part of ourselves. Through guided imagery, intuitive painting, and free writing we will gently explore our lives, creating the space to let go of the old- the old pain, the old suffering, the old way of thinking and viewing the world and welcome the new- the new relief, peace, clarity and seeing the beauty in life.

Utilizing Intuitive Art Techniques gives us the opportunity to explore the inner self through creative process in a safe, critic free environment. It is not a painting technique or method. The main premise of intuitive painting is to tune in to our own unique creative process as well as releasing the attachment to meaning, control, expertise or final product. This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression. There is no prior painting or intuitive experience necessary.  

In an an intuitive painting class, participants paint in a silent, safe, confidential and judgement-free space, with relaxing music in the background. Here we are invited to simply be with ourselves, much like meditation. All painting materials are supplied so as to not to inhibit the painting process. Classes begin with a relaxation and guided meditation, to help the students drop into their subconscious to center and align with their authentic self. Participants will have the opportunity to check in before and after class, expressing anything that is coming up for them as a result of their experience. Participants are invited to journal before, during or after their painting process as writing can often integrate, clarify and ground their work. 


About Alanna~


About Alanna Bell, MA, LPC, CCH:

20 years experience as a licensed professional counselor in numerous settings from schools to integrative care in medical complexes to private practice in psychological groups and now with 2 businesses Aspen Heart Hypnotherapy, LLC and SoulWise Institute , Inc. I am also Certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessessing) practitioner and Intuitive Artist. I have had extensive training and healing with breathwork, chanting, meditation and music therapy. All of my work now is Heart- Centered and my passion/calling/purpose is to bring hope and healing to those suffering, as well as higher awareness and awakening - helping then find within themselves their true light and core of divine love. I believe the healing arts really facilitate this by engaging the heart and soul, stimulating the right brin, working from the subconscious, and connecting with the healing desire of mind, body, and spirit. 

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